Oats So Complicated

10/04/2016 11:07:00 am , 0 Comments

We are seeking a miller or the right equipment to process our oats.

Back in May we planted a small acreage of spring oats at Honeydale. We intended these to be a low cost and low input crop which would provide porridge oats, a wholesome, whole food product which we could then package, market and sell. The trouble is that since we harvested the oats, we’ve contacted several millers and none are interested in taking our relatively small tonnage.

The process of turning spring oats into porridge oats is fairly complicated. It involves removing the husk before steaming, rolling and milling. It seems that we’ll have no option now but to use the oats for animal feed, unless we can find a willing miller or small kit to buy so that we can do the whole processing ourselves.


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