Introducing Molly the Collie

4/03/2017 10:13:00 am 0 Comments

Since we’re using the mob-grazing system at Honeydale, Ian, Macca and Sam have been moving the sheep on a daily basis since the beginning of March, but now the sheep have grazed down the crop of ryegrass and vetch from the top to the bottom, they needed to be moved onto the field of stubble turnips to clear up the regrowth before being moved to permanent pasture. This meant directing the whole flock through the narrow farmyard and out the other side, so owner of the sheep Ed Adams, who farms across the valley, brought his trusty sheepdog Molly to help out. Four-year-old Molly is used to shepherding large numbers of sheep on the Adams’ farm and the work at Honeydale proved a breeze for her. It was wonderful to watch her in action. One clever dog achieving in ten minutes what it would take several grown men four times as long to manage!


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