Crimper Roller Take Three

6/08/2016 02:42:00 pm , 0 Comments

In the third stage of our No Till Crimper Roller experiment, we continue to hunt for that 'Goldilocks Moment' - when is the perfect time to crimp our rye/vetch crop?

This week we attached a seed drill onto the back of the roller as an experiment. When the crop is successfully flattened the next stage will be to incorporate the next seeds through the sward and into the soil, either by drilling or broadcasting.

As you’ll see, the drill proved problematic, which could have been due to the wet weather, or the crop’s lack of maturity, or just because the particular drill we used was not suitable.

We’ll be having another go next week when we will also be rolling again in our continuing quest to find out whether it’s going to be possible to use this innovative technique across fields in the UK.


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